Lawn Dry Patch Remedy

Wetting Agent Tablet

The solution to lawn hydration

It is very common for lawns to suffer from localised dry patches and drought has nothing to do with this natural occurring turf / lawn problem. 

Rainfall or irrigation will not solve these dry, crusty and hydrophobic areas.  Nothing will grow in these affected areas as there is no available soil moisture.

Now you can solve the problem with a Lawn Quencher Wetting Agent Tablet, applied via a Hose Diluter.

What our customers are saying

"My lawns have suffered from the big drought of last year with lots of bare patches. I applied a Lawn Quencher tablet for a week on these poorly patches and hey presto, they became wet again sufficiently to over seed and germinate."
Mr Robertson, Twyford, Berkshire
"I look after our 2 village grass Tennis Courts and the irrigation system was struggling to cover all the courts, leaving dry areas that we could get wet using water alone. Having tried a Lawn Quencher wetting agent tablet, we will certainly be using them again this season."
Volunteer Groundsman, Esher, Surrey
"My lawns were always showing areas that were drying out under some Birch and Prunus trees in the early summer and on some slopes too. I had heard about wetting agent tablet but not used them. Believe me, they do exactly what it states on the tube if you follow the programme."
Lawn Owner, Wentworth, Surrey