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Frequently Asked Questions about lawn hydration

We have tried to come up with a list of questions based upon genuine customer queries that we have received to date:

No as it will not have sufficient water passing over it to dilute the tablet.

We do not currently. The tablet diameter is 45mm and it will drop directly with ease into the reservoir of the Miracle-Gro hose diluter which are readily available from Garden Centres and DIY stores.

There are many factors to consider.  Water pressure, water flow, temperature, diluter type, outlet aperture to name a few.  Applied as a blanket spray, the tablet can cover up to 1,000 square metres typically but with initial spot spraying, this figure can be drastically reduced.

Yes it is but always a wise precaution to keep children and pets out of the spray zone until the lawn surface has dried.

Cut a small cube out of the lawn to see how dry and crusty it is before your initial application. After a few days, you will see how far the Lawn Quencher has penetrated down into the soil profile, getting deeper as you repeat the application. The biggest visual is the greening up of the grasses in the area unless there is no vegetation in which case you can over seed with new grass seed.

Plain tap water will simply run off the hydrophobic patches / turf.  The Lawn Quencher’s ingredients are safe to apply to turf grasses and in their mode of action, make the applied water wetter allowing the surface tension of the water to be reduced permitting it’s route into the dry & damaged patches to rehydrate the soil beneath the crust.

Yes, apart from permitting nutrient uptake, density, growth, vigour, and increased water efficiency, the Lawn Quencher tablets contain a blend of 18 amino acids, available direct to the turf grass roots to promote the storage of carbohydrates leading to increased stress tolerance.