Before and after Gallery

See how the product has helped recover lawns

Pre and post lawn hydration

Nothing like a before and after gallery of how applying Lawn Quencher Dry Patch Remedy Wetting Agent Tablets have helped lawns recover from localised dry patches

New front lawn

It is really very common for newly installed lawns to suffer from localised dry patches as they are really water dependant.  This fact is important because if new lawns suffer, then older lawns will definitely succumb! 

This lawn, by the side of a garage was renovated last early summer with new turf.  It started to get dry out, despite watering nightly by the home owner. Areas soon started to exhibit localised dry patches and this was after a wetting agent had been applied prior to to the renovation process.

even new lawns suffer

This front lawn at the same site had one particular area by an external garden light where the area had been built up with new soil and turf. The lawn was sun kissed for some of the day but the natural water evaporation loss from the dry weather at the weekend following turfing was just so great, no amount of applied water would have made any difference.  Time to reach for the Lawn Quencher wetting agent tablet, applied vis a hose diluter by the home owner.  In the after image, there is still a dark dry patch halo, but it soon all disappeared resulting in a lush green lawn.

This lawn had a severe problem

How a newly turved lawn looked following a scorching Bank Holiday weekend where temperatures tipped 25 degrees centigrade despite lots of watering before / after laying and daily thereafter.  

On a warm day with a similiar prevailing temperature, the natural water loss can be around 6mm per hour so unless you apply at least 6mm of water per hour to combat the water loss your new turf will really struggle to establish.  Nothing beats natural rainfall.