how to apply lawn quencher

Follow this useful guide to help you achieve the results

The steps to lawn hydration

You will need to purchase a hose end feeder / diluter from you local DIY or Garden Centre and have tested it by attaching it to the hose.

One of the most commonly available diluters look something like this mock up image.  The tablet diameter is 50mm and it will easily fit into a Miracle-Gro diluter. If your chosen diluter is smaller in diameter, simply break the tablet up into pieces in a plastic bag before placing pieces into the reservoir.

Unwrap one of the Lawn Quencher Wetting Agent Tablets and place it in the diluter reservoir and attach to the main diluter body and then the water supply.  It should drop easily into the reservoir.

Hold the hose diluter / feeder over your chosen dry patch area and apply the water plus Lawn Quencher to the surface of the lawn just to the point when the water pools on the lawns surface and slight foaming occurs.

Then move to the next area and repeat. 

The Lawn Quencher Wetting Agent Tablet  will slowly reduce in size as the water in the duliter / feeder reservoir passes over it and you will be dispensing a softened water to the lawn patches.

Once you have finished your watering session, you can turn the water supply off and drain the diluter / feeder so that it is empty of water.  The remaining tablet will stay in the reservoir and may reshape and go semi hard during storage.

If you do not drain the diluter at the end of the session, the tablet may continue to dissolve.

Next time you use the diluter / hose feeder, connect the water supply and off you go again like before.

Each tablet will cover up to 1,000 square metres dependant upon water inlet temperature and pressure and air temperature.

When you can see that there is no tablet left in the diluter / feeder, and you are applying water only to the patches, add another wetting agent tablet to continue with the task.


Read the product label

See the 1-3 steps below as there is a tried and tested process to follow to gain success and solve the dry patch areas

Do not mow three days before or after application

Try and apply in the cooler times of the day when there is minimal natural water loss from the surface of the lawn and garden

Make sure you spray the edges of the lawn and close up to hard landscaped areas like driveways and pathways but take care not to directly spray plants or shrubs, although these should not be harmed image

Apply once a day in the first week of use to the localised dry patch areas and / or the entire lawn as a curative measure. Evenings are best

Apply once a week for the next weeks of the same month to the entire lawn or the remaining localised dry patch areas as a curative measure

Apply once a month as a preventative measure during the months of March to September and when dry weather is expected if any patches appear