Dry Patch Rouges Gallery

A few examples of lawns, all suffering from localised
dry patches in some shape or form

in need of lawn rehydration

Some examples of localised dry patches and much larger affected areas together with some reasons as to why they have occured in the first place

Fairy Rings

There are three primary types of Fairy Rings where the soil has been affected by the damaging fungal mycelium such as Marasmius oreades.

Type 1 has a visual of two dark rings with a dead central part.

Type 2 has a visual of a solid dark ring. 

Type 3 has a visual of just the mushrooms or fruiting bodies that appear early autumn when soil conditions are ideal.


NEwly Turved areas

Some turfing contractors installed some turf on a road verge on a new build then did not water it over a hot weekend.  The ideal thing would have been to wait until the hot weather passed but that’s builders for you!  See how the turf has shrunk and cracked.  Suprisingly, with a little over seeding in the cracks, it did recover over time aided by Lawn Quencher.

The turf was slightly over laid under the Beech hedge and it missed the watering. 

A Wisteria shrub was above this turf area by a chimney breast.  If the sprinkler had been moved to include this area during each watering, then this would not have occured.  Note the dark halo of the collapsing turf grasses.  It did recover with a little help from Lawn Quencher.

A close up of turf surrounding a garden light where the area was raised using upturned turves that dried out and would not then accept water alone.

MAture lawn with dry patch

Here are some examples of established and mature lawns suffering with dry patch that may have accumulated over time. 

Not all the lawn surface area is affected and the dry patches are scattered in amongst green areas which is really annoying.  Best to blanket apply Lawn Quencher over the complete lawn ahead of renovation.

Note the dark halo on the edges of the dry patch areas, especially on the pool image.

Regular aeration is vital in an attempt to prevent dry patch once you have cured it with Lawn Quencher.